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NC Broadband
The Project.

The Broadband Infrastructure Office (BroadbandIO) was established by the State Chief Information Officer (SCIO) in 2015 as a statewide resource for broadband access, first responder communications and classroom connectivity initiatives led by the State of North Carolina. As a government office, being able to deliver the content to the targeted audience in a way that is helpful rather than “governmental” can be critical in delivering value to your citizens.


The Problem.

The NC Broadband website was built outside of the state government through contract. The website was rugged, not mobile responsive and was built with an antiquated content management system that prevented many of the important changes that were critical for the organization to be able to directly implement the website as part of a communication strategy. There also were no specific and targeted funnels or calls to action that allowed citizens to be able to easily reach the people that they needed to for support.

Our Solution.

When building this site, there was a strategy that was put into place that allowed for the organization to have clear and concise funnels that allowed the people coming to the site to move to the areas of the site that they were looking for. The Office had recently undergone a name change so support in the branding of the office as it relates to this project was critical.

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